Doug Peterson

CEO/Director of Sales & Marketing

A graduate of UW Madison, Doug worked for eight years at WMTV-NBC15 Starting as studio camera. He worked his way up the ladder through all phases of Studio and Field Production as well as writing and producing, finishing as Creative Services Director. As such he was in charge of all commercial and promo video production.

He spent the next two years as General Manager at Electric Productions, a smaller video post house on Madison’s east side before moving to ProVideo and a career in sales as well as production. Five years of working with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the Midwest gave him a wealth of experience dealing with all types of production scenarios and some very interesting individuals.

After specializing with clients from the top tier of the furniture industry, Doug became an independent representative for luxury furniture brands like; Pennsylvania House, Lexington, Hekman, French Heritage, Barcalounger and Comfort Designs. This involved lots of travel averaging 50,000 miles a year by car. The territory was vast (covering up to 8 states at times) in the great plains, but unfortunately not Wisconsin.

After a dozen or so years, finding themselves empty-nesters in the middle of the expansive yet topographically challenged flyover states, Doug and his wife Mary returned to Madison to get back to their family and hometown.

To reboot his career in production Doug hopped on the national sales team at Full Compass, immersing himself in the latest and greatest in production tech.

Starting P3Pro was as natural as falling off the Bucky Wagon.



Mark J Peterson

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) / Director of Photography / Editor / SFX

Graduating from Full Sail University at 20 and moving to NYC, Mark entered the production world as a camera operator for live television.

He climbed the ranks to Technical Director & Editor at Murray Hill Studios in Manhattan, where he worked for 7 years, creating content for National Brands, Motion Picture Press Junkets, NPO's, and Political Live Feeds. He then moved on to become part of the new and innovative technical directing team at Peloton Cycle focusing on global live streaming.

During his “off-hours” in New York, Mark found time to freelance on various independent film projects, working the full gambit of productions jobs from Production Assistant to DP/Videographer. Apparently the City wasn’t the only thing that didn’t sleep!

Mark moved home to Madison, WI in order to be closer to family and to raise one of his own. Starting P3Pro with his father was the culmination of a lifetime dream.