Drone Videography

Aerial Drone Videography

We use the DJI line of drones to capture amazing visuals that extend the impact of any production, distinguishing it from other run of the mill “flightless” videos.

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A Drone is going to add production value, simply because it is equated with those expensive helicopter shots. It’s something that the average production doesn’t have.

Set the scene for your next video, show the scope of your setting and create a context for your subject matter, all with the impressive “eye-in-the-sky” viewpoint of quality drone footage.

As soon as you hear the whir of the blades everybody wants to come over and see what you are doing, you can feel the excitement! Another major factor is the ease with which the footage can be reviewed while shooting.  You can monitor the footage in real-time on your tablet, so you know exactly what you are getting without having to land and review each take.

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Our video production team has spent the past few years working with the high-quality line of DJI Drones, honing our craft, and pushing our creativity to the limits. Complex follow shots and circling of an object can now be done with relative ease.

 Broken props and scuffed bodies never get in the way of capturing what we set out to capture. Utilizing top of the line DJI products in aerial photography & videography and camera stabilization, we maximize what you are able to put on the screen while staying on budget.

With P3Pro’s competitive drone videography pricing, it’s easy to add a little flavor to your next shoot.

Drone Videography

Whether it’s flying at top speeds after a car screaming down the road or a tricky fly through an atrium, P3Pro will get you the drone-filmed shot to make your video project shine!