Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video

So what’s the purpose? Adding live, shot-as-live, or just additional video content to your website is a great way to engage users, capture attention, and overall increase the amount of time they spend there. 

Videos also encourage interaction. As more users watch your videos, you may find that they will be encouraged to comment on them & share them in other outlets. All this adds up to increased exposure for your business or organization.

Live streaming video

Live Webcast Setup

Get a feel for how we set up and prepare for a live webcast using the Tricaster for live stream webcast. Check out the Video to see what an average set-up entails. The footprint has never been smaller. The cameras are smaller the microphones and lights are less intrusive.


Customization, Reliable Service

Tailored to your needs

We can provide a location for your Live or Shot-as-Live webcast, or we can come to you with our professional team of webinar experts. All that is required is a high-speed internet connection, electricity and something exciting to shoot!

Technical support

Fast and easy access to your feed ensures everyone has an error-free viewing experience. Having tech support on site ensures that trouble shooting is not just a phone call away. Having professional diagnostics on site allow production teams to be creative and not worry about the nitty gritty of data rates, signal flow, impedance, feed back, bad HDMI/SDI/XLR connections, downed servers, internet connections and any other technological mishaps.

Provide records of webcasts

Walk away with your finished product. After the live show is concluded, we provide you with a copy of your show for your own archive or to share with social media. These Archives can include iso shots of all cameras used on your production as well as stand alone audio tracks. allowing for P3Pro or your own team of editors to get creative with the footage by creating anything off of the source material.

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