P3pro Building a Story

The Story of “Building the Story” of Full Compass Systems- 40 years in business. Corporate philosophy, relationships and practice come together to clearly illustrate what makes this company so great! ...All told from the viewpoint of the Principles, Department Heads, Staff, Vendors and Customers, these 15 videos comprised the B-roll segments for their two day Live Streaming Expo. They also served double duty as segments run on facebook and their webpage.

Bring Ideas to Life

Helping clients understand your vision is important. With motion graphics and animation, we can help illustrate your idea. Making conceptual material more attractive.

Full Compass Backline Gear

This video tells the behind-the-scenes story of Full Compass Systems’ Summerfest Backline experience related through amazing content. Supplying Amps, drums and audio gear for all the Summerfest Stages was a huge undertaking. The supporting video let FCS capitalize, getting maximum street cred for the effort. So they’ve got that going for them...which is nice.

Overture Center

Shot in large part with only available light, the Sony Alpha 7S II is an amazingly sharp camera for image capture, color rendition and low light flexibility. Also of note is that it’s small footprint makes getting great footage from the “Wings” a sure thing.

FCS Promo

These series of promos where used on facebook and their website to promote the 40th Anniversary - 2 Day Celebration at the Full Compass Campus and Retail Store.

Crazy E-Bike Lenny's Winter Promotion

Simple but fun animation and green screen effects make this a great example of what can be done simply on location. Dual traveling green screens and a grip truck’s worth of lights are just a few of  the surprises from a “right-sized” local production company.

To learn more please visit crazylennysebikes.com

Crazy Lenny's Father's Day Promotion

A great example of the Eva-1’s wide latitude shooting in super bright sunlight. Shot on an amazingly fast turn-around, this spot showcases our ability to capture great images on a budget.

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The State of the State of P3Pro. From Gear and Experience to Mission Statement and Business Philosophy, Mark and Doug lay out what makes P3Pro the Unique Solution to your content creation needs.

Snow Day

A high contrast, high Concept shake-down cruise for our new Panasonic EVA-1, 5.7K camera- the little sister of the Varicam LT. The Eva-1 also boasts dual ISO, super wide latitude with 14 plus stops and great detail and color control. Also the ability to shoot at frame rates of up to 240/sec.

CHASER LIVE 2017 Joey's Song

A great Charity Concert, this was the big kick-off for this legendary local band’s return to the Stage. In addition to raising funds for the fight against Epilepsy, they used the event to record a multi camera concert video, showcasing some of their best songs. The entire concert as well as the single versions of all the song’s have been used by the band to spread the word of their triumphant return. They are blowing up Facebook, booking gigs and returning to the studio again after almost 20 years.

Vinyl Theater Interview

Part of a series of “Emerging Artist” bands at Summerfest. These interviews were crafted from the musician’s perspective and focused on musical inspiration, gear and origin stories. The interviews and same day performances were shot, edited and posted to facebook and the web within 12 hours of the event.

Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes Summer Golf Sale

Shot almost exclusively with our cine-prime lenses, this spot also showcases some of our drone work. Vibrant and colorful, this spot really captures the golfing spirit and creates a great promo result. The offer didn’t hurt either!

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608 Sound and Lighting

A true “Chicken Soup for the Soul” story of sales rep, Caleb Hopwood and his favorite client. Diligence, hard work and above all caring truly differentiate the customer experience. When you always add value, it’s amazing the type of relationships you can create.

Welshly Arms Interview

Taken from the fictional name of the hotel in the SNL Hot tub skits with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch, Welshly Arms is nationally recognised and fast becoming a very big thing on the local music scene. Quentin Tarantino used one of their songs for the trailer to “The Hateful 8”. In addition ESPN and the NFL are currently using their tune “Legendary” throughout the football season.

JC Brooks Interview

Smooth, smooth, smooth....recorded in a Hellmouth behind the stage of another live performing band at Summerfest, these talented musicians were unflappable. When the interviewer had to just nod in agreement because they could not hear the response from the talent, then you better have great sound isolating equipment. We did!

Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes

“So you need a footie-sleeper for a full grown man- with bikes on it- and a matching nite-cap - with pom-pon- and a bed and two burglars dressed up like 1930’s thieves and you want to create a night time dream sequence, quite dark, but you want to shoot it at 9:00 AM in a store with all sun facing windows - It will take some planning and the appropriate materials, but yah, sure- we can do that”.

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Slapz Photography Biopic

A video Biography of Yoni Benshlomo, New York scenic photographer extraordinaire. His prints of a deserted New York are both haunting and exceptionally beautiful. An in-depth look at his inspiration, philosophy and love of music make this a great mini-documentary for a NYC transplant.

Check out the video and also check Yoni's artwork out at his Etsy / Facebook / Instagram

The Mitch Henck Show Reel

Sometimes it is who you know. Old friend Mitch Henck needed to step up his live stream, so we came and did three of his shows. Shot with Multi Camera, the programs were switched and streamed live with full graphics using our Newtek Tricaster. What used to take a truck can now be done on a tabletop. Just get us internet, electricity and something exciting to shoot and you can stream a live program from almost anywhere. As an extra bonus live shows were recorded directly on to the tricaster and edited down to create a show reel, which Mitch used to shop investors.

Rock 'n Roll Dentist

“Explain the structure of my life?, It’s mayhem.” That just about sums up Chris Kammer-Rock N’ Roll Dentist. Just like Buckaroo Banzai, he is living his life in multiple directions, all of them at top speed. So you ask, “Why not a reality show?”


A fun little mash up of some off-the-wall projects we have been working on.

Drone Videography

Think of all the things a drone shot can add to your next production. A bird’s eye view, God-Cam POV… a whirring noise. Drones have almost completely replaced the expensive helicopter shot for affordably amazing visuals.

Rock N’ Roll Dentist

“Explain the structure of my life?, It’s mayhem.” That just about sums up Chris Kammer-Rock N’ Roll Dentist. Just like Buckaroo Banzai, he is living his life in multiple directions, all of them at top speed. So you ask, “Why not a reality show?”

The Rock 'n Roll Dentist - Oral Health and You!

Installment 2 for the “Rock N’ Roll Dentist” Reality Series. This time Chris is getting interviewed by the local TV Station and yes, they know his reputation And they love it!

Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes July Sale

Always the center of attention, Crazy E-bike Lenny lends some physical comedy to this July Overstock Sale...and creates a future Scratch and Dent Sale in the process.

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Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes Grand Opening

Of course he wants to be in the center ring. Another great concept spot for Madison’s own Crazy Lenny.

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