Behind the Lens - Chasing The Dragon

Welcome to the first installment of Behind the Lens.

What is “Behind the Lens”? -A P3Pro Web-series that takes a behind the scenes look at problem solving and product testing in real world situations. Whether we are on the job or doing some exotic equipment testing, we wanted to be able to show you some of the operational hijinks that occur from a videographer’s perspective. This is the “That’s cool. How did they do that?” behind the scenes content of how we get there. We tend to find ourselves in a lot of very interesting scenarios that require ample problem solving and research to figure out the best plan of attack. “Problem Solving” and “Attack” made us think of one thing! With the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons as a Retro-culture phenomenon, we decide to dust of some of the old miniatures and game pieces and roll for it. This week’s Test: Macro photography and the Low Light sensor Capabilities of the Sony Alpha 7S II. If you don’t believe the A7SII can’t see in the dark, just compare the difference in grain in the “behind the scenes “B” Cam footage.

Mark Peterson