About P3Pro

At P3Pro, we are invested in creating a blue chip video experience for our clients. Our video production team is here to provide exactly what your vision needs - without any of the filler.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, P3Pro has over 27 years of industry standard experience. We can handle every aspect of your project: Planning, shooting, editing, and anything else that may be required in between. So when it comes to capturing your ideas, events, commercials, corporate videos, webcasts & live streams, and films, you can rest assured that we are working to make your vision into a reality.

Video Production

We pride ourselves at being able to offer a complete line of production services, but the “whole enchilada” might not be what you require.

As such, all of our services are offered a la carte and we will only suggest what you need. This is what makes our clientele want to keep coming back. We appreciate that you are on a budget just as much as you do. If we can provide better, cheaper, and faster services than our competition, we will not only earn but also grow your business.

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Our Services


  • We have extensive backgrounds in all kinds of video production. From large film sets, to local commercials, to live video conferences. Talk about getting it done!

  • Technical expertise coming from years of practice & use. Experiencing this wide variety of video production, we have accrued a deep understanding for all the equipment used in creating your concept.

  • Comprehensive pre and post video production work. Making sure your project runs smoothly is an essential part of video production. Leave the details to us!


  • Want to broadcast your idea or show over the internet? Need help bringing your mobile webcast to life? We can do that. All it takes is an internet connection at the location you want to broadcast from and we can set up the rest.

  • Using Tricaster technology has allowed us to step our live streaming video production up to a very high level.

  • We tailor our services to your needs, providing a customizable and reliable streaming video production service. We also provide technical support and webcast archive when needed.



  • Take to the skies! Make your video project stand out from all the others with drone videography.

  • P3Pro utilizes top-of-the-line drone photography & videography, and camera stabilization technology to give you a crisp, clear, and steady shot that will make your competition green with envy.

  • We’ve spent years honing our skills with high quality DJI Drones and pushing our creativity to the limits.

Drone videography


  • On your way to video gold, there must be a plan in place! That's where we can help. We take a comprehensive approach to video pre-production to make sure all of the bases are covered. It can be daunting, but there is no substitute for a well planned-out video production.

  • Casting, shoot schedule, scripts, shot list, crew calls, location scouting, proper gear, permits, and craft services are just some of the details that need to go in beforehand that allow video production to run smoothly.

Video Production Madison WI


  • We are well versed in the post production field, utilizing the full library of Adobe Creative Cloud to edit large and small projects alike. Formally trained on Avid and Final Cut, P3Pro made the leap to Adobe after discovering its seamless integration with Adobe After Effects.

  • Cinema 4D is an attractive 3D editing and modeling program we use in concert with Octane Render for a fast and crisp 3D visual experience.

  • P3Pro can handle as much video-post production as your project requires. Whether it’s video editing, color correction, or something else entirely, we will get the job done the way you want it done.


  • Drawing on our experience in the creative side of production, P3Pro takes a deep dive approach when putting together a script for your project. Fully understanding the client’s end goals and being able to properly convey that to the end viewer is paramount.

  • Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to script writing. Bringing memorable and interesting content to your audience starts with the overall concept. Whether it be a commercial campaign or a short 15 second stand-alone piece, P3Pro invests the appropriate amount of time and energy it takes to get your idea on the page and bring it to life.


  • Once your project is complete, we can store your videos safely and securely online. We make sure you have access to your videos day and night, 24/7.


  • Old VHS or Beta tapes? We can transfer those to a hard drive for you or upload them to a web-based video storage site, FTP, or server of your choosing.

Video Production

our mission

To stand apart from your traditional run of the mill production experience and create memorable, moving, dynamic imagery that conveys your message in a powerful way. 

We take your vision and turn it into a work of Art: the art of Storytelling, the Art of Beautifully Crafted Imagery, the Art of Persuasion