Video Production


P3Pro is a full service production company, taking projects through pre-production, production, and post-production. Please check out our Videos page to see examples of our work. See our Projects page for additional info.


Video Pre-Production

Comprehensive film and video pre-production work, including:

  • Commercial or narrative script writing

    • Be it a commercial concept, business to business communication, or long-form industrial, we can tailor a script for your next project.

  • Storyboard planning and design

    • We break down each shot in your presentation to create the desired look and feel that must be conveyed to realize your vision. By careful storyboarding, we can maximize efficiencies and minimize downtime while shooting.

  • Set design and creation

    • Existing locations generally cost less, but if you can’t reserve it or gain access to an indoor location then we can replicate it. This would be a good time to discuss your budget.

  • Location scouting

    • If you have an idea for a scene that “tells your story” let us find you some options.

Video Production Madison WI

Video Production

From a product demo, to a feature film, we are ready to capture whatever your project needs.

  • Film and video production

    • We have the latest equipment and 30 years of combined experience to ensure you get the images you need.

  • Live streaming video production

    • All we need is a high-speed internet connection, electricity, and something exciting to shoot. The footprint of our Tricaster system is so small, what once took a mobile truck can now be set up on a small desktop. Video production for live streams and webcasts can give you the edge over your competitors and engage audiences.

  • Live and shot-as-live webcast management

    • We can do any combination of Live and/or Shot-as-Live Webcast as well as record isolations of all the cameras used. This gives us the ability to use the iso-cams as “original footage” to edit other videos or correct imperfections in the originally switched feed. Since the recordings of the program are also available, they can be archived for later broadcast to the web, social media platforms, or for internal company training and review.

  • Drone videography

    • We use the DJI line of drones to capture amazing visuals that extend the impact of any production. Set the scene for your next video, show the scope of your subject and create context for your subject matter all with the impressive “eye-in-the-sky” viewpoint of quality drone footage.

  • Full studio complement of lighting

    • Without light, there is no image. Creation of the image takes the careful placement of lighting equipment, dimmers, gels, screens,  scrims, reflectors, bounce cards, and gobos. We have a lighting truck’s worth of low heat, high powered LED Lighting to craft your scene.


Video Post-Production

We lift your raw footage to a pristine, professional final product by sharpening, correcting, and emphasizing details.

  • Audio & Video editing and mastering

    • We use Adobe Creative Cloud Software to ensure speed, reliability and quality output of our work-flow. All of the programs within the suite are written to work with each other, so there is no time lost transposing between software. Photoshop, Audition, After Effects, Premiere… it is all seamless.

  • Film and video post-production

    • All professional film and videos get posted in NLE Suites, it is the fastest, most cost-effective way. P3Pro prides itself on being more creative and more efficient than anyone. The result is a smooth video production experience with great looking projects at a reduced budget.

  • Color correction

    • Shooting multiple locations, multiple cameras, multiple days, footage from various sources… All these lead to slightly different looks. We color correct every image to make sure it not only looks it’s best, but that it matches with the rest of the project to give a unified look.

  • Tape to digital file transfers

    • We can transfer most old home movies to electronic, computer-based formats for long-term archiving.

  • Online video and archival services

    • Once your video is complete we can ensure it is visible to just the people you want to see it and at the highest quality possible.

Video Production Madison WI

If you’re ready to take your video project to the next level with the expert skills of P3Pro, then don’t hesitate - contact us today!